Known insider revealed the look of the new iPhone.

After Apple released the iPhone X, all manufacturers have started churning out smartphones with “monopoly” — cropped at the sides of the upper frame. Currently, however, manufacturers of Android-based smartphones planned a new trend — smartphones with holes in the display. According to the famous Ice universe insider, Apple will not follow this trend, at least in 2019.

What will be the iPhone 2019

The insider said, citing its own reliable sources that all iPhone 2019 will have a display with the trimmed sides of the upper frame, like the iPhone X and iPhone XS. Apple has no plans to abandon its decision in smartphones next generation. Thus, the front panel of the new iPhone 2019 will not greatly differ from current flagships: iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone.

Ice universe stressed that currently known about Apple’s plans to release an iPhone with a “hole” in the display only in 2020. Details of the upcoming technological solutions specialist doesn’t know yet. However, it is safe to say that Apple will come up with something original, as otherwise the company will simply repeat for the other manufacturers.

Given leaked information about new iPhone 2019, next to the flagships of Apple do not expect full redesign. In General, the smartphone will be similar to the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. We will note that earlier it became known that in 2019, Apple will also release three new iPhone.

Source: Twitter.


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