Stunning ultrathin gaming (and not only) laptop.

At the beginning of 2019, the company ASUS and its ROG brand has introduced a very interesting new ultra-thin gaming notebook GX701 Zephyrus’S. The model received a huge 17.3-inch display high-quality IPS-matrix, top-end Intel Core i7 processor, the eighth generation, stylish design with the original keyboard among all the gaming laptops and… full Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080! At the same time, despite the amazing features, the laptop remains mobile and, moreover, ideal for travel. How is this even possible?! Said in our review of the ASUS ROG Zephyrus’S GX701.


New Zephyrus’s designed in the General style of the line gaming notebooks ROG and his predecessor Zephyrus’S GX531 in particular. Metal body with a simple black finish and a stylish silver finish.

From the classic black and red design laptop ASUS ROG new Zephyrus is drastically different. The design model can be called a more “adult”, at least that is the feeling that arises when comparing laptops.

Boring because of its more rigorous design Zephyrus’S GX701 did not. Add “fun” to help RGB-backlit keyboard and glowing ROG logo on the back cover of the laptop and the front panel. However, all the lights can be turned off. For example, when the time comes to postpone the game and focus on the work.

The keyboard is, as always, remains one of the important design features of the laptops from the line of Zephyrus. She moved to the lower part of the body, while at the top there is nothing — only one logo ROG.

The design solution is really unusual, but it is. We have tested. If the laptop is on the table, to work or play on it is extremely convenient, as the hand does not have to lie on the body of the laptop. But if you suddenly need to change position, for example, put the laptop on the lap, there are disadvantages — not enough space. This, however, if you want you can get used. The keyboard membrane, with a depth of 1.4 mm stroke keys and individual backlit keys that you can configure. The keyboard looks impressive and when you print feels very comfortable.

Despite the top-end features and a huge 17.3-inch display, GX701 Zephyrus’S very compact, thin and lightweight. The notebook dimensions is equal to 399×272×18,7 mm — the case is surprisingly thin for such a “stuffing”. The weight of the laptop is 2.7 kg with transportation problems do not arise.


Display Zephyrus’S GX701 has an impressive diagonal of 17.3 inches. In real life, the screen seems even more so is due to the minimum framework around the perimeter of the display. Especially surprising is the top frame of the display, which is just as narrow as the side.

This was achieved quite original way. The fact that the frame no camera. It is generally not built directly into the laptop. The camera comes separately in a small box that can be mounted on the body of the laptop.

A simple but effective solution. Front camera, users need not so often, but to abandon it completely would be wrong. And so the camera if you want always at hand, and display frame turned out to make very narrow.

Display resolution Zephyrus’S GX701 — Full HD (1920×1080 pixels), response time 3 MS gray-to-gray max refresh rate — 144 Hz. The color accuracy of the display is 100% sRGB colour gamut, which confirms the certification Pantone. This means that the laptop screen is ideal not only for games but for professional work with computer graphics.

Screen laptop equipped with a quality anti-reflective coating. What kind of coating is it is unknown, but it should be noted that any falling on the screen light causes a barely noticeable glare. The IPS panel uses a quality — of visible flashes are detected, including when testing in low light conditions.

As in Zephyrus’S installed GX701 Nvidia, there is support for Nvidia G-Sync, which is designed to synchronize the refresh rate of the display with the frame rate of any game. And with G-Sync is one of the most interesting features of the laptop.

G-Sync is a very energy-intensive technology that requires constant activity card and, consequently, energy consumption. To users Zephyrus’S GX701 avoid any sudden problems with battery life, the notebook has two unique technologies.

First of all, it is Nvidia Optimus. This technology is responsible for activating the discrete graphics card only for games and tasks demanding graphics requirements. In all other cases, works built-in and much less power-consuming integrated graphics card. The second technology, which was developed by engineers of ASUS, allows you to quickly switch between G-SYNC and Optimus manually. To select the desired mode with just a few clicks of the mouse and restart the laptop.

As a result, when the user needs a “gaming monster”, he can manually enable G-SYNC and plunge into the virtual world for maximum performance. But if it’s time to work, and for a long time, activation mode Optimus will allow us to do it for real for a long time without connection to the mains.

A “GPU switch” is unique to modern gaming notebooks. In fact, it gives you the ability to instantly turn a game animal into a full-fledged and powerful workhorse, capable to work long time without recharging.


The Zephyrus’S GX701 laptop — the true monster performance. It is equipped with six-core Intel Core i7-8750H executable with 12 threads, nominal clock speed of 2.2 GHz and the ability to work in a mode Turbo Boost frequency is 4.1 GHz.

The CPU supports up to 24 GB of RAM memory DDR4 with a clock frequency of 2666 MHz. In the basic configuration, the laptop is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, but due to simple upgrade options the owners will not have problems in order to increase the capacity of RAM in the future. The capacity of the SSD up to 1 TB in the database — 512 GB.

Asus ROG Zephyrus’S GX701 — one of the first gaming notebooks with the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 in design Max-Q and VRAM 8GB of GDDR6 format. This is the same as the standard Nvidia RTX 2080 desktop! Performance Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 much to tell not much sense. It is a flagship video card coupled with the Intel Core i7 of the eighth generation will pull absolutely any game. Even with the technology of ray tracing in real-time RTX, completely changes the perception of players about the lighting and detail in computer games. And this is no exaggeration. The most demanding of today’s Battlefield V on maximum settings and enabled RTX is working steadily on Zephyrus’S GX701 comfortable with 60-100 fps depending on the scene.

The flagship features and ultra-thin body is literally ordered Zephyrus’S GX701 to obtain a reliable cooling system. And such appeared, and it was invented by ASUS and ROG specifically for the line of Zephyrus. We are talking about active aerodynamic cooling system Active Aerodynamic System.

When laptop lid is lifted, it opens a small gap required for air flow. Entering into the housing the air is run two fans via heat pipes to radiators located in the far corners of the body. Due to such innovative solutions is ensured by the cooling of all system components at high loads.

The fan speed is determined automatically using the smart algorithm, which takes into account the temperature inside the case. However, the user has the possibility to choose one of the cooling manually. The choice includes a Turbo — maximum cooling for peak loads, Balanced — quiet but powerful cooling and Silent cooling with fully silent operation of the fans.

Zephyrus’S GX701 supports USB Power Delivery, responsible for the ability to charge the laptop directly through the USB connector-C Gen2. Technology will be a real salvation to travel, because it allows you to take to the road only compact battery charger USB-C and use it to charge the laptop for work. Using the same USB type-C second generation, the laptop can connect an external monitor with DisplayPort 1.4. And since the laptop has and HDMI 2.0 b, you can connect to it get two external monitor.

The lack of ports connection Zephyrus’S GX701 definitely not. In addition to USB-C Gen2 laptop has one customary USB Type-C, one USB Gen2 Type-A, two USB Gen1 Type-A and a combined 3.5 mm connector for headphones and microphone.

Zephyrus’S GX701 equipped with a sound system from two speakers at 2.5 watts. The system comprises an intelligent amplifier that allows you to get loud and rich sound without distortion. The speaker sound is not deafening, but the quality — to enjoy your favorite game or just watch a movie get comfortable. Also the laptop uses a special audio technology that simulates surround sound in stereo headphones when using virtual reality helmets or USB DACs. Connect the headphones to the laptop can be used via the traditional 3.5 mm audio Jack or through any USB port.

Another important feature of the notebook is a separate Gigabit Wi-Fi module 5 (802.11 ac) technology to support 2×2 MU-MIMO. Wireless connection via supports Gigabit connection, the router will provide blazing fast connection to the Internet. In addition, the laptop supports ROG RangeBoost responsible for the automatic search of the most powerful Wi-Fi networks. Given that Zephyrus’S GX701 can rightly be called “offsite” gaming laptop, this feature will often be useful.

Price and where to buy

ASUS ROG Zephyrus’S GX701 will go on sale in early February, 2019 at a price of 168 990 rubles for the basic version with six-core Intel Core i7-8750H, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB flash drive. Buy ASUS ROG Zephyrus’S GX701 will be available in the official online store of Asus and the leading Russian retailers.


ASUS ROG Zephyrus’S GX701 — best gaming laptop of 2019 right now. The top features thin and lightweight design, a full-fledged Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 with the same RTX technology (allows you to see games in a whole new light) and a gorgeous 17.3-inch display, which is suitable not only for games but also for work. To this Supplement is a bunch of connectors, which, fortunately, is not stingy, comfortable, but unusual keyboard and a unique option instant switching to full work mode. Perhaps better Zephyrus’S GX701 could only be due to the greater resolution of the display. But this laptop is quite forgivable.


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