The service should be a hit.

At the presentation on March 25 , Apple will have to provide your own streaming TV service, the analog to Netflix. Leading financial analysts at Wedbush believe that the service will be a big success. According to the forecast of experts, in the medium term, Apple can garner 100 million subscribers, which is comparable to 150 million subscribers Netflix.

Analysts said that Apple is very serious about the launch of a new service. The company is negotiating with all major content providers, including HBO network, which produces the most popular TV shows such as “Game of thrones” and “the world of the wild West.” In addition, Apple is preparing a lot of its own original content, which attracted even Steven Spielberg.

The success of streaming TV service will have a positive impact and conditions of the subscription. It is expected that the service will be shareware for all users of Apple devices. The owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac will be able to view the content without restrictions and charges. This will allow users to test out the service and after to apply for a paid subscription that will allow access to all content.

Analog Netflix from Apple should be presented at the presentation on March 25. The company itself hinted at the possible announcement of the invitation to the event. What other products Apple will unveil at the upcoming presentation you can read in this article.


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