11 years ago, Apple has lowered the price of iPhone 2G from $200.

Apple can reduce the cost of the new iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR in the upcoming festive period. And according to analyst Peter Misek, for the company it is not new. The expert recalled that in 2007, Apple lowered the price of the first iPhone 2G from $200 due to poor sales.

When the first iPhone released in 2007 was met with bad. The mainstream media trashed the first smartphone Apple, causing sales of new products were frankly disappointed with the company. Steve jobs solved the problem very simply. Apple reduced the price of the 2G iPhone by $200 only 2 months after release. Page with the announcement of price reduction is still available on Apple’s official website.

Then the iPhone 2G with 8 GB of internal memory began selling for $399 instead of the usual $599. The discount was temporary and was only during the holiday period.

Analysts believe that this year Apple is in a similar situation. Sales of the new iPhone are not a failure, but Apple and its investors expected more. To attract buyers to new products Apple could significantly and widely to reduce the cost of flagships. If Apple’s planning something like that, then the price reduction can be expected in the next couple of weeks, as Catholic Christmas is on December 25.


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