In anticipation of the long-awaited announcement of the Apple, the team at digital media and entertainment research and analysis of company Futuresource Consulting shared their thoughts on what will be the launch of a new SVOD service.

“This step, Futuresource Consulting and the industry in whole, waiting for several years,” analysts said, “We considered this scenario in our last reports and evaluate the impact on the market”.

According to the team, Apple will play a key role in the evolution of SVОD in 2019, especially in the United States. “He, in conjunction with Disney+, which is expected later create something of a Renaissance. And with more than 20 million Apple TV owners around the world who have demonstrated an insatiable appetite for content and great opportunities for spending on entertainment, there is a ready and loyal audience that is just waiting to be activated.

The fact of the new partnership of Apple with Samsung, confirmed earlier with exclusive content applications iTunes TVs South Korean manufacturer, has a solid Foundation for further development. Since nearly 80% of Netflix users say that watching a service on TV is the preferred method of viewing. Be attentive to watch for future partnerships for the development, can also be integrated with pay-TV,” the analysts suggest.

“Apple would be nothing without the necessary content. Even with its well-established user base, strong and extensive content offer will need from day one. Comparison with the content of Netflix will be inevitable, and Apple will need a strong portfolio to attract and retain subscribers. They will need to plan raids with exclusive or original content, but given the probable demographics of subscribers to Apple, these customers will use Apple as an additional service, not to kannibalisierung their existing video subscription,” according to Futuresource.

“Though more widely on the landscape, we expect that the service will not affect the growth of leading players, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Futuresource research shows that customers continue to use multiple subscriptions. In the US, about 80 million households have access to SVOD services, and on average each household has two services. Our study suggests that in the coming years this trend will shift to three subscriptions, while in Europe this figure will be slightly lower. However, because of the huge number of available SVOD services, consumers can feel more comfortable with a trial period and special offers, connection to services for short periods and subsequent cancellation of subscriptions, because they more clearly understand the number of services they use,” the analysts said.

“Apple also has the opportunity to become superaggregation content, similar to how Amazon captures the landscape through Amazon Channels” — added to Futuresource Consulting.

Do you think that Apple will present for the presentation?

A separate streaming video service

New Apple TV with its own content.

Own TV.

Updated app Apple TV, subscription video sharing and private content.



SOURCE: Advanced Television

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