Let’s hope that the experts ‘ forecasts are correct.

Analysts at Counterpoint Research, said that in the near future Apple will release a really cheap iPhone. According to experts, Apple will literally be forced to do this market situation India is the second largest market in the world. Apple virtually boycotted in India, which clearly showed the iPhone sales in major Indian holiday.

November 7 is celebrated in India, Diwali is a major Indian holiday, also known as the “Festival of Lights”. The week before a holiday is usually the peak sales of electronics in India. It happened in 2018, but without the participation of Apple.

In authorized Apple stores in India, no one came. This drew the attention of Reuters journalists, who have specially pay a visit to the largest American company on the eve of Diwali. For iPhone, iPad and other technology Apple is not just all — in stores, really almost no one was there.

Analysts from Counterpoint shows that Apple is dissatisfied with the situation. The company made a big bet on India. The country was often visited by Tim cook, who even communicated with the authorities in the hope of improving relations.

But iPhone sales in India are falling rapidly. The market share of Apple smartphones fell below 1%, and the user base is below 10%. All this is confirmed and official sales statistics from India’s leading retailers.

The main reason for low demand for iPhone in India — the high price of Apple’s smartphone. In Counterpoint see solution the launch of the budget iPhone, which would have been, and technologically. In this case, in India and in other developing countries, including Russia, interest in the iPhone will increase again.

Whether Apple plans? Experts believe that they exist, as otherwise Apple will irrevocably lose the second largest market in the world.


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