Predictions are difficult.

Experts of leading analytical companies did their predictions about the success of the iPhone in the next few years. Analysts from different companies not any consensus — some experts predict a further and even more serious recession, other — sales growth directly from 2019. According to experts, much will depend on 11 the iPhone and iPhone 11 Max, in particular, the price of the next flagship Apple.

Bernstein Research analyst mark Li said he expected a decline in iPhone shipments in 2019 from 13%. Reasons for the projected decline is the stagnation of the global smartphone market, the decline of interest in smartphones in China and fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Xiaomi.

Experts of Japanese investment Bank Nomura believe that in 2019, Apple is really waiting for a decline in sales of the iPhone. However, experts believe that in 2020 the company will be able to reverse the situation. One of the factors in the future success of iPhone is the launch of the first Apple smartphone with support for 5G. After the launch of the 5G public-networks many consumers will want to it be updated, even if the price of the model will be large.

The majority of analysts have remained silent and do not make predictions in relation to iPhone sales in the next two years. Experts say that at the moment the future of Apple is impossible to predict accurately, as the company will definitely make a few steps to exit the temporary crisis.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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