At the moment analysts are still arguing about whether what flexible device released by Apple. Some predict that the first Apple device with a flexible screen will be the iPhone, while others “vote” for the tablet. Analysts at UBS believe the second version. According to their forecasts flexible tablet will be released in 2021.

The experts of UBS believe that initially Apple will break in the new technology on a device with a big diagonal, and only then, will present a flexible iPhone. According to analysts the main supplier of screens for new gadgets will be the company Samsung. Now she is actively working on such displays and will gradually increase the volumes of their production.

At this stage, the UBS experts are not ready to make any predictions about the technical specs. It is not excluded that the flexible Apple tablet was one of the first Apple mobile devices will receive the support of networks of the fifth generation.

Analysts say that now there is a high interest in flexible mobile devices. It is particularly noticeable in China. However, the high cost of these gadgets is stopping users from buying. According to experts, when the technology of flexible screens will be more or less “run-in” the device will cost 400-500 dollars more expensive than smartphones and tablets with conventional displays.


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