Analytical company BankMyCell compare what smartphones from Samsung or from Apple — cheaper faster.

Experts compared the model Galaxy S10 iPhone iPhone XS and XR. As stated in the report, Samsung smartphones are losing their value faster than Apple’s smartphone. Galaxy S10 just a month after output fell in the secondary market is stronger than the iPhone XS 9 (!) months after the start of sales.

So, Samsung lost over a month 46,69% of the original price and iPhone iPhone XS and XR the average of 42.2% in almost a year. Most noticeable has changed the cost model Galaxy S10 with 1 TB of memory, from $1,600 to $750.

Analysts have noted another trend, this time far from pleasant for Apple. It turned out that last year the rate of depreciation iPhone XS in the secondary market rose compared with the previous same period.

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