Apple does not avoid the decline in prices.

Analysts Wedbush Securities has summed up the results of 2018 for Apple. According to their report, the situation with the iPhone sales in 2018 will be for Apple to “Wake-up call” and the company will try to rectify the situation in the coming years. In particular, analysts believe that Apple will make the iPhone more accessible, and will also release a new inexpensive smartphone input level.

According to experts of Wedbush Securities, the reason for the weak sales of the new iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR is obvious. Apple has decided for the second consecutive year to raise prices on their smartphones, but not calculated. iPhone become too expensive, regardless of model. Because of this, consumers openly declare that they are simply not interested in buying a new iPhone.

At Wedbush Securities refer to its own survey conducted among iPhone users from different countries. 47% of those surveyed said that the price of the iPhone to such a degree high that are thinking about upgrading your smartphone don’t even come to their mind. The consumers said that, of course, would be the new iPhone, but the price is holding back their interest.

The problematic situation with the sales of the new iPhone is reflected in the value of Apple shares — they fell by as much as 35% compared with the peak in October 2018. Apple this situation, no doubt, is not satisfied. That’s why now Apple is trying to attract more customers to the new iPhone by launching different promotions.

But in General, to remedy the situation the company needs to take more serious steps. And they will, analysts say. According to forecasts, in the next couple of years, the new iPhone will only get cheaper. How much — it is show time.

Source: UT.


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