In just two months, Apple is expected to introduce its new smartphones. However, analysts at Rosenblatt Securities predicts that to sell iPhone 11, iPhone 11 iPhone Max XR 2019 will not be too good. The main reason is the lack of visible innovation.

According to reports, the new Apple smartphone will differ from its predecessors only more powerful CPU, slightly better battery and the main camera with three and two lenses for iPhone 11 iPhone XR and 2019, respectively. To smaller changes include the presence in smartphones two-way wireless charging and a slightly improved front-facing camera.

The absence of drastic changes in the iPhone, according to analysts at Rosenblatt Securities, will become the main reason for the low interest in new generation Apple smartphones. In addition, experts doubt that the cupertinos will reconsider its pricing policy that will lead to a further decline in demand for iPhone in a number of developing countries. In particular, Apple can significantly lose its position in China and India.

In addition, the specialists Rosenblatt Securities pessimistic regarding growth of Apple services. Analysts believe that in the near future the growth of revenues from services, Apple will begin to decline. The launch of the Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ will not have any noticeable effect.

In the end, Rosenblatt Securities analysts expect a significant deterioration of financial performance of Apple over the next 6-12 months.


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