Sale AirPods will only grow.

Experts of the analytical company Gartner has shared his predictions about what will happen to the market of wearable devices in the next few years. According to eminent analysts, the device from almost all categories of wearable devices will become more popular. But of greater interest among consumers will cause wireless headphones. Experts believe that largely it is due to Apple and its AirPods.

According to the Gartner forecast sales of wearable devices in 2022 will exceed 450 million units. Projected real explosion of interest of buyers to wearable electronics. For comparison, in 2017 sales of wearable devices amounted to only 140 million units.

More likely will increase sales of headphones, especially the wireless models. Reason will be the emergence of new and more innovative models of headphones and in reducing prices on older popular models.

It is reported that Apple AirPods will become even more popular around the world. Branded wireless headphones Apple become the most popular in the world for two years, but forward AirPods are waiting for much more growth, experts believe.

Recall that according to multiple sources, Apple may launch the AirPods 2 until end of 2018.

Source: Gartner.


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