According to analyst company IHS, in the first quarter of the current year kupertinovtsy able to realize only 43,8 million iPhone. In comparison with last year the volume of sales decreased by 16%. The decline in sales of Apple’s smartphones has naturally led to a decrease in the market share of Apple.

IHS experts say that now cupertinos takes about 14% of the global smartphone market, far behind Samsung and Huawei, which occupy first and second place of the list, respectively.

Separately, analysts note that this year, many companies are faced with declining demand for its smartphones. Among them were: Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, Motorola and other. The company Huawei on the contrary increased sales. Demand for its devices compared to last year increased by 50%.

It should be noted that in the network there are more pessimistic for Apple figures. In particular, analysts at Canalys note that in the first quarter of this year, sales of Apple smartphones fell by 23.2 percent to 40.2 million. According to experts, this is the sharp decrease in the volume of deliveries in the history of iPhone.


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