According to earlier reports, analysts and representatives of retail networks, users are very willing to acquire the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max. In some regions, the demand for new items significantly exceeded the indicators of last year, when Apple introduced the “anniversary” of the iPhone. But now experts of the company Citi’s report on the declining interest in the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max.

After analyzing Google search traffic for the first month after the release of Apple’s new smartphones, analysts came to the conclusion that users were looking for information about the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max much less earlier models.

According to the number of requests, most users interested in the iPhone 5, introduced in 2012. On the second and third areas are located on the popularity of the iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone X/8/8 Plus respectively.

Analysts attribute this situation to several factors. First, a relatively small number of innovations. Second, the high cost of new products. And third, the glut in the smartphone market.


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