According to analysts of Bank of America, the following year, the cupertinos will be able to set a new record of iPhone sales. Experts believe that a crucial role to play not only the release of Apple smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation, but also release an inexpensive model.

Analysts at Bank of America believe that through a more diverse range of devices cupertinos will be able to sell in the next year, about 202 million smartphones. There is a chance that this trend will continue and in 2021 the total annual iPhone sales reached the level of 223.5 million.

It is expected that the announcement of the cheap iPhone will take place this spring. On past experience, we can say that the presentation will be held in March. On it Apple iPhone should show 2 SE. Sources say that externally, the novelty will resemble the iPhone 8, but in terms of specifications it will have a lot in common with the iPhone 11.

In the autumn the presentation, Apple needs to show the successors of the current generation iPhone. In addition to supporting the networks of the fifth generation, the new-comer advanced to the main camera and possibly an updated design.


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