And really, it’s time.

Analysts from research firm Counterpoint Research said that Apple is now the “perfect moment” to launch the iPhone 2 SE. According to their data, the problems with the iPhone sales in 2018, emerged not only in China but also in other major smartphone market in India. Statistics show a drop in sales of iPhone in India from 50% last year. The only way out of this situation analysts see the launch of cheap iPhone SE 2, which is sure to become a popular in the problem for Apple countries.

Don’t know that at the end of 2018 has been a serious decline in iPhone sales in China. However, Counterpoint Research believe that the main problems of Apple in India. If in 2017 the company has supplied the market of the country of 3.2 million iPhone, while in 2018 — only 1.6-1.7 million, a Sharp drop in sales of 50% literally forcing Apple to act, experts believe.

The simplest solution is for Apple to launch iPhone SE 2, which are particularly strongly rescue a company in India. According to statistics, the original iPhone SE repeatedly became the best selling smartphone in India, due to its low prices. In other countries, particularly in Russia, the model also needs to be running.

The analysts believe that the release of a cheaper iPhone will allow Apple to drastically remedy the situation. A slight decline in prices on the current iPhone model is unlikely to appeal to consumers.

Source: PA.


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