With its help every citizen of our country, including Anapa, can become an activist and even an expert of the Russian popular front.

Downloading the phone this app, users will be able

to participate in a large and important work — to see how runs

“may decree” of the President in the regions, impact on quality of life

Russians are the results of 12 national projects, and to participate

in this work. It is available in Google Play and Apple Store.

For those who want to work more closely with the popular front and believes that his professional knowledge and experience can be useful to the community, have the opportunity to act as expert onf.

For this you need to register. Developers

note that it is very simple and takes only a few minutes. In this case

in addition to surveys and monitoring the expert will be able to participate in raids

webinars, forums and expert meetings, meet results

research conducted by the onf, teaching materials.


Onf has created 12 thematic areas, each of which corresponds to one of the strategic directions of the decree of the President. Within these sites there is a constant collection of information on various topical issues. Activists and experts of the popular front organize population surveys, conduct raids and promotions, monitoring, collecting the views of the moderators of the thematic areas.

All the results of these activities will be the basis for
regular public reports on implementation of the goals and objectives identified in
the decree of the President. They also collected suggestions about what

changes you need to make to national projects and programmes. Also, these documents will be

be transferred to the working group of the Council under RF President on strategic

development and national projects.

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