The Russian company “Yandex” has introduced its first smartphone based on Android — “Yandex. Phone.” In sale the device will be available on Thursday, December 6, it will cost 17 990 rubles. Buyers will get six months subscription to “Yandex. Plus”, 500 rubles on a card “Yandex. Money”, increased cashback for three months and 300 rubles for the “Yandex. Taxi”.

The author of the program “Sum of technologies” on Business FM Denis Samsonov attended a presentation and told us how looks the new gadget “Yandex”.

“Alice” will be in the smartphone everywhere it is possible to address, in fact, from any application. Even when the smartphone will be in a passive state, “Alice” can be activated by voice request, about the same as Siri or Google voice assistant. This is, perhaps, the main difference of the smartphone at the junction of the iron and the software. Plus I would stress the fact that I was really impressed with “Yandex. Money” is the default payment system of the smartphone. It can be used for the calculations at the box office, supporting the “Yandex. The money” just like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. “Yandex Pay” in this sense becomes a complete analogue of these payment systems.

— As for the technical side: thinner, longer running, faster charging? Time to throw out your iPhone?

— In terms of iron there is nothing interesting, the typical smartphone in this price category. You can find the richer, the poorer. Those who are interested in iron, watch nothing in particular. In this sense, “Yandex” does not stand out from the series of other smartphones in this category. My question is, is there a premium price to the cost of the smartphone with this set of characteristics for the brand “Yandex”, the company replied with a categorical refusal. They think that it is not added to the price of the smartphone for anything that he produced under their brand.

Almost 18 thousand rubles are considered by the company justified? A lot or a little?

Is the average, the fastest-growing segment, there is really big competition. In this segment, you might say, sits a large number of potential users of “Yandex”. I think this price is reasonable. To somehow sweeten the price, “Yandex” offers a wide range of free and conditionally free services, discounts for their services. I don’t know how it will be substantial.

In July of this year began selling “Yandex. Station” — a multimedia system includes a built-in voice assistant “Alice”.

In addition to Yandex’s own device and develop other Russian Internet company. At the end of November it became known about the plans Group to release its own voice assistant under the working title “Marusia” and clever column.

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