In 2017 Apple along with iPhone X has introduced the advanced version of Emoji — Animoji. It works on the principle of the filters in Snapchat or Instagram: user making faces at the camera of the smartphone, and the animals on the screen of their repeats. Creation you can share with friends. Like many other things, it did not remain exclusive to Apple. Now Microsoft has developed a similar tool for keyboard SwiftKey.

It’s called Swiftkey Puppet. With functions of augmented reality animated animals repeat the facial expressions of the user. Among the models there is a dinosaur, Panda, dog, cat and owl. To share Emoji through various apps, including Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

The technology provides a neural network which was trained on the faces of several thousand volunteers. While the technology is imperfect, and some users report that it is not very well follows the movements of the mouth and sometimes goes out of sync.

But this is only the beta version of Swiftkey Puppet. Most likely, over time, defects will be eliminated.

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