Owners of Android devices will be happy.

Unlike Android, 9 Pie, focused on performance, the next version of mobile OS will get a radical change in design. Information has been received from a Google employee who participates directly in the development of Android 10 Q.

As emphasized by the developer, the distinguishing feature of Android 10 Q should be mode Dark Mode (“Night mode”). The emergence of Android 10 Q the long-awaited “chips” will enable Google to “kill two birds with one stone”.

First, the company will satisfy the user’s request for Dark Mode. Now users are forced to go third-party solutions, if you want to reduce eye strain at night. Secondly, this mode will provide additional reduction of energy consumption in flagship smartphones with AMOLED screens. As a result, the devices with AMOLED display Android 10 Q will boast improved battery life.

According to the insiders, by may 2019 a majority of standard applications in Android will support the work of the Dark Mode. This month needs to reach a preliminary build of Android 10 Q. the Final release of the mobile OS Android 10 Q will be held in August 2019.

Source: PhoneArena


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