Google has begun testing a new way of Android updates on smartphones across brands, to finally get rid of the fragmentation of ecosystems. Recall that the fragmentation in this case — too large range of versions of Android on active smartphones, due to the reluctance of manufacturers to release a fresh firmware on time. Now they, in fact, more depends nothing — they were left alone with his laziness.

So, Android is now updated through the Google Play store, the one where all the rock apps on their gadgets (by the way, there you can download a convenient app on Android — I). While Arushi update through GPlay is running in test mode and only on smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 that are not sold in Russia, but very soon all restrictions will be lifted. In fact, now Android is updated as any application and download a fresh build can now directly from the Google servers and not wait until some neglected Motorola give birth IOS for their smartphone.

Of course, we are talking only about pure Android, so to evaluate the innovation can only the owners of gadgets with Android One inscription, the benefit of such recently becomes more and more. Such smartphones have already even Xiaomi, known for its high quality shell MIUI. Extensive updating through Play will begin later this year, likely in August, when Google will release the final version of Android 10 Q. Now in Play is available only in its beta version for these smartphones. It is very convenient, because not all want to change your old smartphone for the new just because in 2019 he still runs on the outdated Android 7, released three long years ago.

Overall, Google in this regard copies Apple, Yes, that does not propagate via the iOS App Store, but to upgrade to the latest firmware version can even owners of the ancient iPhone 5s, and him, for a moment, already six years old. In General, Google, it seems, took quite a true vector of development — and Android updates centrally, and the service Stadia for cloud gaming’s about to launch, and with other projects of the full procedure. Importantly, Android suddenly became paid, and that the new version did not contain a large number of defects. About the innovations expected in Android 10 Q’s, will know very soon the Prime Minister of firmware will take place in may this year.

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