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iOS 11 installed on 85% of devices. Official data published by Apple prove that to the latest version of the firmware has been updated almost all the owners of compatible iPhone and iPad. This is a good indicator, but in the second half of September, the popular iOS 11 will start to fall.

According to the App Store on September 3, last public build of iOS installed on 85% of smartphones and tablets Apple. IOS 10 10% of iPhone and iPad. iOS 9 and earlier versions of firmware are used on 5% of devices. This is probably the model that does not support further updates.

In April iOS 11 had 76% of the devices. Another 19% were installed iOS 10. Older versions of the operating system used 5% of owners of iPhone and iPad.

The past few months, Apple is testing a new build of the firmware — iOS 12. Its official release is scheduled for September. This version users will install faster — the company’s engineers have optimized firmware for older devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.

The announcement of iOS 12 will be held September 12 at the eventdedicated to the new iPhone. We will conduct a text broadcast of the presentation in the “Theater of Steve jobs”. Beginning at 8 PM Moscow time.

Source: AppleInsider


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