What is popular in Russia: iOS or Android
There is a myth: “iPhone bought by people with high incomes, the rest are Android”. In fact, today this face is erased often the price of a smartphone on Android, e.g. Google Pixel comparable with the new iPhone and the old iPhone differ little in cost from the average Android.


Saint Petersburg


The map of distribution of smartphones in Russia, which was prepared by Russian designer, it is clearly visible that the iPhone choose are mainly residents of Moscow, while Android dominates in the regions of the (iPhone is red, Android blue). If you look at the shares, more than 50% of the market of mobile apps you have on iOS, but the map shows that the highest concentration of users from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Based on the prevalence of iOS and Android in the regions of Russia, beginning developers can choose which system they will be easier to start a career in mobile development.

Features Android: the pros and cons of
There are several reasons why application development for Android is a convenient for the novice:

A variety of devices. On Android now work not only smartphones and tablets, but also TVs, refrigerators, car audio, and from different brands. Accordingly, the range of application can be wide.

For work, you can use any computer. No matter Windows, Linux or Mac. Android Studio and programs from the SDK available for all platforms.

Community. I feel that the developer community for Android is somewhat broader than iOS. For the beginner this is a significant plus: it is easier to find help on the forums, to get information from the horse’s mouth, chat online.

The ability to tailor the platform to specialized task without losing support. If you develop an application for a specialized task, then Android is suitable for this best. For example, recently with the introduction of CRF the problem of adaptation of cash registers — terminals for payment. The company “Motor” this took the Android platform and created the app to work. To do this, they refused to support Google removed Market. That is completely customized platform. And even if Google will go away from Russia, these cash registers will work. With iOS this would not have happened.

Excellent development environment. Development environment Android Studio is based on the world’s best environment — Intellij Idea. In this environment, there’s a clever code analysis, easy navigation, automatic code formatting, and more.

Stereotype from the movies: programmers, pounding on the keys and gaining some unreal amounts of text per second. In reality it is not so. Yes, the code can often be large, but the developers do not print each character on their own, you can often write only the first couple of characters and the development environment, the IDE will continue on to herself.
It seems that Android development is more smooth than iOS. Thus, the application there is built from small blocks. You will have to connect them in a large block of their own.

Photo: Unsplash

Tell a simple example. If you want a wardrobe with mirrored doors, then you alone will take the enclosure, mirrored doors and stick to it. And even if any one part is not suitable, you will be able to make their own, modifying and refining the existing one.
Android is open Source system. You are right in the code editor can watch how is made of standard elements such as buttons/lists/switches, and write your code based on an existing. In iOS there is a large finished molded blocks (finished Cabinet), and if you this unit did not fit (want other color, other size) will have to throw it away and build your (to go to the forest to cut wood, planing boards, painting…).
But there’s a flip side to the coin. Unfortunately, some of the advantages of Android development are its cons:

The diversity of Android devices stopping to create a perfectly functioning product. The system is on smartphones, clocks, stereos, refrigerators and tablets are completely different brands, each of which in a competitive environment trying to make its own “flavor”. This causes the device to not work the same way, and the developers physically cannot know all the parameters of each gadget. For example, if you are making an app-DVR, be prepared that not everything works out according to plan and system in one machine can not see the camera, another to flip the image, and the third will have problems with the video.

Not all materials can be relevant. The Android operating system has existed for a very long time, and many of the nuances of the development, managed several times to change.

Previously, developers used standard library, which was in Android. Then the creators decided that they were obsolete, and suggested other options. On forums and StackOverFlow is still possible to find examples with the use of old libraries, this can confuse beginners.

Features iOS: the pros and cons for the developer
Let’s move on to developing for iOS is an interesting platform that is not in place. Its main pros:

Certainty in devices. The developer always knows what devices are running which versions are updated, and which will soon be released from service. For example, now in course 7-8-10-11 iPhone and iPhone 6 have already died. Settings screens and systems are known in advance and check how your app looks like on all devices, is quite real.

The diversity of approaches to development. Each device line Apple — iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Apple TV, Mac OS — requires its own approach, therefore the professional development of the developer becomes very interesting.

Transparency updates. Every year Apple improves the guidelines for developing applications for iOS, but leaves developers in the dark: explains how to replace the current code elements more productive. In addition, the iOS community, although as yet few in number, but very active and always willing to help.

“After WWDC in November, the company presents a new version of iOS and Xcode. If the updates to the libraries and methods not affected by your functions, you can safely upgrade to Xcode. Try to build a project on a new version of the language, but on a separate device — after you fix the bugs you will be able to migrate your code to the main device”.
Vadim Pustovoytov, lecturer of the course “iOS developer” in “Netology”, iOS mobile app developer in the company “Transtekhservis”
If we talk about disadvantages, the most significant — a high threshold of entry into the profession. The developer is required to have Apple equipment, but it is at least 100 thousand rubles from her purse when buying a new device. Of course, you can save two to three times, buying the model of the previous series, but then your technique must not be older than three years.
In addition, in order to publish apps in the AppStore, must be renewed yearly access developer account for $99. But if you just want to learn to program without publishing the application, the account can not pay.

How to earn iOS and Android developers
It is considered that developers on iOS get more. Actually, the salary differs only from beginners to experts. With the growth of the professional level of the wage begins no longer depend on platforms, and the personal qualities and soft skills of the developer: ability to work in a team, to argue their point of view and to take responsibility.
According to the resource “My Circle”, the average novice mobile developers with experience to receive to 50 thousand roubles a month, from one to three years — up to 120 thousand rubles per month, and the experience of four years pay at least 160 thousand rubles in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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In the regions of acceptable salary level of an experienced developer is considered to be 80-100 thousand rubles. Anyway, the salary ceiling in this profession is not yet installed, so it all depends on the qualities and skills of a particular employee.

How to learn mobile development
The most obvious method is to choose a programmer at the University. This will allow you to obtain the fundamental knowledge, to learn not only programming in General, but it in different directions. There is a disadvantage: to learn mobile development quickly and immediately begin to practice, is unlikely to succeed, after all training for a period of four years leaves its mark.

To learn the syntax of any programming language from scratch it is possible for three to six months depending on the desire and employment.

So the second option is to understand all the intricacies on their own books, training materials on the Internet and videos on YouTube. This method is more suitable for those who already have some basic knowledge in programming, and plenty of perseverance, persistence and patience. However, we need to understand that no one will “stand over you” and say what you did right and wrong.
The third option — additional courses in length, four to six months, where you can explore exactly the direction that you want to work on. Fortunately, these courses are now quite a lot, they are designed for different levels of training, and you can always tutor.

Beginners mobile development: how to choose between iOS or Android

No need to chase a specific platform — six months to learn Android, and then easily switch to iOS. You don’t have to throw away all the knowledge. At the primary level almost all of what you have already learned will be applicable to a different platform.

Learn common terminology as you’ll be able to communicate with any of mobile developers. For example, if you use the name of the component or architecture used in iOS development, most likely, you will understand colleagues from the Android crowd.

Go to study in the direction where you have friends. So you can always consult with a more experienced developer or ask for help. For example, when I was in the city it was only the community Android developers that defined my initial direction.

Specialized courses in iOS and Android development will help you to quickly settle into a new profession for a few months to learn the necessary programming languages to understand their mistakes with the help of a mentor, to get into the community, to begin training and start earning. Such courses are like at universities, and at numerous venues further education.

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