The next version of the Android operating system from Google P can get the name of Android Pistachio.

Support Huawei accidentally revealed the name of Android 9 P

The ninth generation of Google’s Android operating system is at the final stage. In August the company will present an update to Android 9. While developers conduct beta tests on the Android P company strongly hides the full name of the OS. The latest version, for example, were tested as Android O. In consequence, the eighth version called Android Oreo.

To obtain from Google information about what it means the letter “P” in the title just does not happen. But from other sources data can leak out. As it happened thanks to a Huawei representative.

Android P will be the “Pistachio”

The representative of Huawei company accidentally announced the name of the next version of Google’s Android during correspondence with the client. It happened in Poland during the consultation, the client was interested in the opportunity to update the smartphone to Android Huawe iP9 8.0 Oreo. In his response, the consultant mentioned the name of Android P Android as Pistachio.

Proof that the image of the correspondence in the chat. In response, the helpdesk Huawei has clearly stated that Pistachio for Android request software updates in Poland.

Android P you can get the name Android Pistachio

Given the fact that Google has a choice of names for the new Android OS from the dessert line. The name Pistachio is not very suitable, because in translation it means -” Pistachio”, and this nut.

But as we reported in March, there was information that the Android P can be named as Android Pistachio Ice Cream. But the name “Ice cream with pistachios and nuts” is perfect and remains in the same trend of desserts.

What is the name of Android version 9 will be announced in the next month during the official presentation of Google.

But some of the options Android Pistachio or Pistachio Ice Cream you like? Write your own version in the comments below.


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