Apple has updated its own Apple Music app for Android. Now it includes several new features that will appear on the iPhone only with the release of iOS 13.

So, it is the Android version of the music service first got a dark mode, in which a black background is used for all screens that contrasts sharply with the initially all-white interface of the application. Dark mode can be enabled on a permanent basis, or when you enable battery saver on your smartphone. Turn on one of the modes in the application settings.

Also includes lyrics that are synchronized with the audio track. Now the text listened to songs automatically scrolled during the playback. Something similar already a few years exists in other streaming service — Spotify.

The funny thing is, both functions were shown back in June at WWDC. And both updates should appear with the release of iOS 13 later this year. But for some reason Android got them first, despite the fact that Apple usually produces the opposite of its services with a view to the iOS audience.

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