The patent and trademark office approved another patent for Apple. The document, called “Voice effects based on facial expressions”, said animaze, complemented by sound effects.

During the write phase the message with the virtual avatar software captures facial movements and emitted by the object sound. According to the patent application, both visual and audioelement monitored for specific conditions. They can changed during playback on something else. These conditions can include the identified facial expressions such as frowning or even the word triggers that trigger the effect.

The system creates the option in accordance with a trigger and apply it either to an image or sound component. The avatar can pass the predefined animations or be modified in a certain way, there is emotion, while the accompanying speech may be shifted or completely replaced.

The team of “the voice”

As an example, the portal AppleInsider, who discovered the patent gives the example of a user with the avatar of the dog. He can say the word “bark,” and it will start the audio file with barking, as well as change the mouth shape on the appropriate. If the user will frown and growl, sweet, animaze will replace him angry and snarling version.

Voice recording and some can be completely replaced by a synthetic analog. During this process recognizes words, the pitch and cadence, which can then be played in a characteristic avatar voice.

A patent filed by Apple on February 28, does not mean that “Apple” Corporation will eventually introduce the technology to the public. But given that developers continue to strongly develop, the appearance of new items in a future update is likely.

Earlier said that the portal LetsGoDigital found another patent for a “leaky” screens. According to the document, such variations of displays, along with other tech giants eyeing and Apple. However, the “Apple” development of technologies differs from some competitors. First, the “hole” in the smartphone is not centered, and in the corner of the front panel. Second, to integrate the camera will not only in the phone, but other portable electronic devices.

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