Apple did not raise prices.

Apple is known to execute a formal repair of its equipment without a guarantee for impressive money. However, in the case XR for iPhone, who is preparing to go on sale October 26, the company will request for the repair of the smartphone is significantly less than flagships.

Apple announced pricing for iPhone repair XR on its official website. Replacement of broken display will cost users $169. Assuming that XR is valid augmented iPhone warranty AppleCare+ replacement display will cost just $29. For comparison, replacing the screen in the iPhone X and iPhone XS is estimated at $279.

For the removal of other failures that occurred due to the fault of the user, Apple will demand $399 or $99 when feature warranty AppleCare+. The replacement battery XR, iPhone owners will have to pay $69.

Of course, if the problem is in the iPhone XR was not due to user action, it will cover standard warranty that applies to all users. Apple will fix the smartphone or will exchange it for a new one (as often happens) absolutely for free.

Note that Apple has not raised the cost of iPhone repair XR compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, despite the increase in the price of a smartphone.

Source: Apple.


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