Apple continues to come under attack “patent trolls.” According to reports, some time ago, the Seven Networks have accused the iPhone maker of illegally using 16 technology and almost immediately sued. The plaintiff promises to forget about their claims after the cupertinos will pay compensation in the amount of $ 400 million.

In the statement of claim, which contains about 200 pages, it stated that Apple violated several patents Seven Networks. The documents describe the technologies related to power saver mode, power management in data synchronization over a mobile network, optimization, traffic, etc.

According to experts, the majority of the disputed patents, the company Seven Networks has acquired over the last year. Thus, the plaintiff is none other than “patent Troll.” However, many believe that the Seven Networks has a fairly high chance to get Apple’s impressive compensation.

Representatives of the Seven Networks tried to maximize their chances. Especially for this they appealed to the court of the Eastern district of Texas, which has repeatedly recognized the iPhone maker guilty on similar charges of “patent trolls.”


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