Service Speedtest counted.

Service professionals Speedtest analyzed the queries smartphone users from Russia and called the mobile operator, which has the slowest Internet. According to the company, was the slowest mobile Internet “Beeline”, however, the difference between MTS and Tele2 recorded is not the greatest.

Experts Speedtest analyzed more than 8 million requests from users of smartphones from different cities of Russia. Based on these data, they determined the average speed of the mobile Internet, the operators of the “big four”.

As found in Speedtest, the slowest mobile Internet “Beeline”. The average download speed is of 11.01 Mbps. For comparison, Tele2 is equal to the speed of 13.25 Mbps and MTS — 14,65 MB/s. Leader in Speedtest rating was “MegaFon”, which recorded average download speed of 23.07 Mbps.

In fairness, we note that actual results may differ from those measured by service Speedtest. The same is said and the representatives of “Beeline”, which was called the collected statistics is not the most reliable. The result of such a test depend on dozens of different factors, often unrelated to the real average connection speed.

Source: Speedtest.


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