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In the App store new growing threat. For iPhone and iPad goes more and more applications that activate a paid subscription under the guise of free, which users are charged a lot of money. Losses iPhone and iPad users are estimated at millions of dollars a year, so it’s important to stay vigilant and know how to check the status of subscriptions. In this article told us more about the fraud scheme and how to defend themselves.

The real threat to your wallet

The scheme of deception of users of iPhone and iPad is very simple. Different applications offer access to a full range of features by subscription, which is reportedly free for 7-10 days. But really the subscription is free only for 2-3 days, after which there is cheating money from the user’s account.

Fraudulent app does not actually violate the current rules of the App Store. Users do receive a notification that their free subscription will be paid in 2-3 days. However, this inscription is specially made very small or located in places where the user won’t even see it.

Huge losses

Similar apps in the App Store quite a lot and some of them earn on a deceit of users a lot of money. According to the resource TechCrunch, which deals with the tracking of fraudulent applications developers utilities Scanner App earned last year of $14.3 million to the Creators of the app QR Code Reader is $5.3 million, and the developers Weather Alarms — more than a million dollars.

The developers of these applications do not hesitate to use the “hole” in the rules of the App Store. The same QR Code Reader, which is a simple QR code scanner (it is built right into the standard iPhone camera), take over the subscription of $156 per year.

How to protect yourself

In order not to fall into the trap of unscrupulous developers, you need to check the subscription status immediately after its execution. Even if an app promises you a week or a month of free usage, it has to be checked — it may be fraudulent.

To check the status of subscriptions is very simple. You need to go to menu “Settings” → “yourname” → Apple ID → “View Apple ID” — “Subscriptions“. On this page you can see the detailed feature list of subscriptions with expiry dates. Here, any subscription can be cancelled.

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