The application for listening radio radio Balouch was spyware on the basis of AhMyth. About it reported in a press release from the company ESET, arrived in edition “”.

A harmful program that monitors the owners gadgets, available in the official Google Play store. It collects personal data of users captured on smartphones.

Expert Lucas Stefanko noted that the damage component AhMyth, it was easy to detect. However, the application for some unknown reason, fell several times in the official store.

After contacting experts in the field of cybersecurity employees Google Play uninstalled the software but soon got it back again. In addition, Radio Balouch advertise on third party sites, Instagram and YouTube.

Stefanko said that the re-placement of the app should be a signal for Android users and Google employees. He warned that soon can receive updated versions of the malware and its variations, which also have a chance to pass the test and be in Google Play.

Earlier it was reported about a phishing attack scams for owners of gadgets from Apple. They were forced to give the attacker the payment data.

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