Tested — works!

The other day we talked about the fact that the Internet shop AliExpress is preparing to launch total sales. To attract even more buyers to its new shares, AliExpress has offered the Russians the unique opportunity to recharge your mobile for 100 rubles, while paying 50 rubles. We tested the new share — it works and to get a discount is very easy!

In order to recharge your mobile for 100 rubles, paying twice less, you need to download the official app (iOS, Android). You are then required to log data under your account and go to “My profile“. On the opened page click on the banner “mobile Payment“.

It is on this page and is AliExpress. Its rules are extremely simple. In 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00 Moscow time, users have the ability to recharge your phone to 100, while paying only 50 rubles. In each the happy hour AliExpress will pay the bond at a discount of 50 rubles for the first 500 users.

Is it difficult to get in this among the first 500 people? Not at all, we managed to do it right the first time! The secret lies in the fact that the page is mobile pay to go back to main, and then again go on it for 1-2 minutes before the “hour X”.

Thanks to this upgrade page you will be able to see faster than others that the time to recharge with discounts came. Will only have to enter your phone number and pay. Of course, to your AliExpress account must be attached Bank card that money is deducted instantly and you did not spend time on adding it.

We tested a new action, it really works. And we have added to the account quite calmly, simultaneously managing to take screenshots. Enjoy! The action will take place until August 26 inclusive.


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