Gorgeous web player!

Apple is in no hurry to release its own web player, Apple Music. The company only supports initiatives of third-party developers, providing them with all necessary tools to create their web versions of Apple Music. Another new and really good web player Apple Music was launched today. It is made in the style of Apple Music and works faster than iTunes.

New web-player Apple Music called Musish, it is available at this link. The developers have created it with the use of the official tools from Apple. The service received the style interface Apple Music iPhone iTunes, support all the key topics with music and lots of other useful features, such as the option to add music to my library by a simple drag-and-drop songs or folders from your computer into the browser window.

In order to start using Musish the Apple Music subscribers need only to log into the website using your Apple ID. The developers Musish stressed that due to the use of the official API from Apple this process is completely safe. The reason is that the developers themselves do not see any personal data of users. During authorization, a special encrypted token which is decrypted only on servers of Apple.

The Apple Music immediately appreciated the new development. According to subscribers of the music service, Musish not only allows you to listen music from Apple Music on any computer directly from the browser, but also runs significantly faster than iTunes.

If Apple is already planning to release a web player for the Apple Music at the moment is unknown. Before these rumors came out, because the web version of Apple’s Music would help the service to compete with Spotify, but no announcements from Apple have not yet been.

Source: Musish.


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