YouTube is testing a feature Channel Membership, which will allow contentneutral to sell subscriptions to their channels. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the representatives of YouTube. To issue a subscription will be possible on channels with an audience of 100 million viewers.

What is the difference from YouTube Premium?

Unlike YouTube Premium Channel Membership does not provide for the concealment of the advertising and the ability to save videos to view offline. Since the subscription is issued on a specific channel, and privileges available to paid subscribers will depend on the author.

How much is it to subscribe on YouTube?

The cost of subscription for users from the United States, where YouTube is testing a new monetization model of service will be equal to 4,99 USD. For the money subscribers can get access to custom emoticons, exclusive content, and the ability to obtain goods with the symbols of the author.

As in the case of a subscription group in Facebook, the initiators of the introduction of paid subscriptions to the channels themselves became contentbykey. As one of the authors of the Bloomberg initiative calls Casey Neistat, who had complained to management about hosting a significant decline in revenues from the sale of advertising.

Not like Facebook

Thus, in contrast to Facebook, which will not charge a Commission from the owners groups, YouTube intends to withhold 30% of the total earnings of authors from the sale of subscriptions. This is due to the need to pay sales tax, which the hosting will be paid into the Treasury for contentneutral.


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