Last week’s edition of the Wall Street Journal shared information about yet unannounced Apple smartphones that Apple is expected to present in September this year. After just a few days after the leak of Benjamin Gaskin in his microblog published a preliminary renderings of new products.

Apparently, these images were created based on prior rumors and insights analysts. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the iPhone sample 2019 model year is largely similar to its predecessors: about the same contours of the buildings, “bangs” at the top of the screen and of such proportions.

But Gaskin taken into account and all the features reported by the sources. So in the updated iPhone with the prefix Max new block of three cameras, and iPhone XR 2019 received main camera with two lenses.

At this stage it is difficult to make any unambiguous predictions about the next generation of Apple smartphones. However, many believe that this year, the cupertinos are unlikely to change the appearance of the iPhone. Experts predict that the redesign will not happen before 2020.


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