MacBook Air
MacBook Air with Retina display — isn’t this what many have been waiting for the MacBook? Well, generally speaking, Yes and no. Yes, because a long time ago was really looking forward to. No — because his place was taken by the “simple” MacBook with a 12-inch screen. Really thin and really lightweight ultrabook, which is contrasted with a powerful MacBook Pro.

Retina screen in the MacBook Air is cool, but spoon for dinner road

Remember, more recently, in the article “7 facts why iPhone is no longer the best smartphone” we said that a single standard iPhones turned into a zoo of formats? Looks like MacBook befalls the same fate. While everyone thought that the 12-inch MacBook came as a logical replacement for the MacBook Air, Tim cook decided to again now. Despite the fact that “just” MacBook will not disappear, we introduced the MacBook Air. 13.3-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. — Yes, just like the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Than Air now will be different from the Pro? Well it will be a little lighter and a little thinner. Well, a little cheaper and not so powerful.

New MacBook Air with black frames now very similar to the MacBook Pro
Than the MacBook Air will be different from the 12-inch MacBook? Slightly thicker, slightly heavier, slightly more productive, and two Thunderbolt port 3 instead of one. In my opinion, was just enough to put the second port in a MacBook 12’. And make one 14-inch MacBook Pro instead of two: the 13— inch and 15-inch. But no zoo devices like Tim cook a lot more. Thanks to all that 11-inch MBA has decided not to revive. It only there was not enough.

MacBook Air: good filling, but maybe I should just add money and get a Pro?

The price of the new MacBook Air will start from 77 000 is the base version, with dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. 12 inch “just” MacBook is more expensive with less performance but more compact. Additionally, the MBA will embed a Touch ID leave a FaceTime HD camera and a 3.5 mm headphone output, and the trackpad will increase by 20%. The keyboard, unfortunately, will be only new type “butterfly”, many users have complained about its quality, but the improvement was not mentioned. And all this with a maximum thickness of 15.6 mm and weight 1.25 kg.

Mac mini

Exactly Mac mini has always been the cheapest Mac. Unlike the MacBook and iMac, it had no display, and the performance was much lower than the Mac Pro. At the same time, the power of this product (and in fact — mini-desktop) is quite enough even for professional tasks: mixing audio, editing video.

However, after 2012, Apple apparently decided that too bold to give such a good Mac so cheap, and turned into a real Mac mini nettop, cutting his performance. The Mac mini has become an analogue of the MacBook Air, if not worse, and was already a little interesting, especially since then in Russia just had a jump in the dollar. Cheap computer on macOS for 25-30 thousand rubles he turned into something unintelligible for 59 thousand rubles.

In the words of the new Mac mini seem powerful, but what actually happened?

But now Apple has pretended that heard the pleas of users. The new Mac mini with promise 4— and even 6-core processors, the ability to expand memory up to 64GB, plus the store will only flash (SSD) with capacity up to 2 TB. Well, it’s really good, at least, in words.

Mac mini can now be but it will be very expensive

In fact it’s just awful. Over 69 000 we offer a basic configuration with Intel Core i3, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD. That is, again, it’s worse than the MacBook Air (recall, Core i5 at least, albeit the mobile version) and only slightly cheaper. The only advantage of a Mac mini over a MacBook Air in this case — plenty of ports: already 4 pieces 3 Thunderbolt and two USB 3.0 ports, a full HDMI 2.0, Ethernet (RJ-45) combo headphone output 3.5 mm. But the MacBook Air, which is just 8 thousand more, has a 13-inch Retina screen and the ability to work all day away from an outlet. Plug it to the adapter at all of these ports (it is possible) and get the same Board, but with the ability to take it with you.

The only real advantage a Mac mini over a MacBook Air
Separate puzzling is that $ 800 for a basic version of Mac mini has turned into a 69 000. Wow!

iPad Pro
Updated and iPad Pro. Now frames have become even thinner (like the tablet), I lost the Home button along with a 3.5-mm port, traditionally put a more powerful processor than before, well, the GPU, according to the company, compares the performance with the Xbox One S. However, excluding trolling and lack of level games Forza Horizon Halo 4 and 5.

Updated stylus Apple Pen now has an additional touch area and supports pressing on the case (probably on par with old styli that had a button on the side).

The old 12.9-inch iPad Pro (left) vs new (right)

All in all, it almost sounds cool when it comes to drawing, we traditionally show the presentation. All except the rounded corners — they somehow already significantly destroy the idea of the tablet screen as on a painter’s canvas. But for artists I will not say, I will say for musicians.

Rounded corners — like you asked

First of all, the rejection of the connector 3.5 mm in the “professional” tablet designed for content creation, it’s just awful. Yes, the iPhone can connect any hipster Beats with Bluetooth and enjoy almost broken sound with almost zero latency. But when creating music all these “almost” is not quite almost. Yes, external sound modules can solve the problem, but then the iPad doesn’t make sense — Android tablets with external sound cards also work, and appropriate software for them too appears. Of course, all this on the iPad much more, but he is accustomed to, but still. And since gorditsa Assembly from the pile of accessories — not easy to take the laptop?

The thickness is impressive — but would not bend and not break

Next — Home button. This is not so bad, but still unacceptable for musical applications. One of the advantages of the iPad is that it allows you to literally strum something on the keyboard, the drums or even the guitar using only virtual instruments and a touch screen. That is, even a MIDI keyboard around with you, carry a optional. This press on the screen with four fingers simultaneously — a common occurrence, sometimes more. And for some reason I have a suspicion that it will intersect with the gesture control by iPad. Now, the current iPad Pro, you have to turn off chetyrehporshnevye gestures control interface of the OS, because they are a no-no, work. Apparently, the new iPad Pro will be the same and even worse. Wanted to play a game, and instead I switch to another app or even shut down the current.

The performance of the GPU of the new iPad Pro is now roughly as follows

Last but not least, USB C. Yes, this problem is long overdue and, generally speaking, in the iPhone, it’s time to do the same. Indeed, Lightning is already obsolete in many respects — he’s not even capable of withdraw the Full-HD video of decent quality in real time (i.e. in the General case, Full-HD display is capable of, but decent quality and in real time — no).

Neural network in iPad Pro
However, now on the iPad and iPhone different ports, and most importantly — all the accessories you need to change. When the iPhone went missing connector 3.5-mm already had to change, for example, an adapter for connecting guitar (or any other audio device) — in fact, the iPhone itself is also much that can and in some cases (e.g. guitar effects) its more than enough. Something even better happened — via the Lightning it was possible to record higher quality sound. However, now we need to change the adapter, and most importantly — for the iPhone they won’t fit.

It’s pretty cool, but I wonder how this design will feel yourself lying on the table?

What’s really cool in the new iPad Pro — the thickness: 5.9 mm on both models — with a screen of 11 inches (price from 66 000 rubles for the version with 64 GB) and with a screen of 12.9 inches (price from 82 000 — is also a memory of 64 GB). If only they did not become more likely to break. Even cooler — magnetized stylus to the end with the activation of wireless charging last. Jokes about connect Apple Pencil through one place came to an end.


On the whole it is sort of sad. It is unclear why the invented the MacBook Air, unrealistically expensive Mac mini is still a weak processor, and the iPad Pro without a 3.5 mm — which, incidentally, did not even bother to say at the presentation. One joy — now Apple Pencil will conveniently be charged to iPad can connect different devices without expensive adapters. Much cable USB C buy one today no problem.

But I’m still worried about one issue. But what about the “one more thing”?

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