The specialists TechInsights has estimated the approximate cost of the components required for the Assembly of one iPhone Xs Max. But they also engage in a detailed review of the new chip — Apple A12 Bionic, produced on the technological process of 7 nm at the facilities of TSMC.

Specialists TechInsights found that the area of the crystal Apple A12 Bionic about 5% less than Apple A11 (83,27 mm2 mm2 vs 89,23). In addition, the new chip has more transistors (6.9 billion vs 4.3 billion), but the important thing is that they are located more densely. According to expert estimates TechInsights, the engineers managed to increase the density of transistors by about 70%.

It is worth noting that at the moment Apple A12 Bionic is almost the only chip made for 7-nm process. However, in the near future the situation will change. In October, Huawei is expected to release its new smartphone with a chip Huawei Kirin 980. Also before the end of the current year may be the announcement of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.


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