In the past, many celebrities came on that advertised a separate Android device with iPhone. However, this situation got not only the famous people but also large companies. In particular, some time ago, Samsung touted their smart phones on Twitter, using the publish for iPhone. And recently users have noticed that Apple has also previously used devices of competitors.

In early November, pop singer Ariana Grande shared with her fans the news about the release of his mini album, Christmas & Chill. The corresponding record appeared in the official mikroboy singer.

After a couple of hours on the publication responded to the advertising division responsible for maintaining the official Apple Music account on Twitter, posting a link to a new album of Ariana Grande in Apple streaming service. However, the publication was using Android. This is evidenced by the inscription under the tweet.

On the one hand nothing wrong in the fact that one of the employees of the Apple company published a tweet from an Android device, no. Especially when it comes to Apple Music service, which is both on iOS and on Android. However, many were surprised by the fact that employees of the users are active users of Android devices and are they working accounts.


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