New generation MacBook Pro was introduced in mid-July 2018. The greatest interest attracted the redesigned keyboard, which looks like it will get stuck much less often, according to BGR.

First, Apple representatives said that the changes made to the design of the keyboard, helped to make it more silent. No marketing materials or other documents didn’t say anything about resistance to flooding. Perhaps the Corporation did this deliberately, because such mention would mean that Apple has recognized the problem, and could trigger a new wave of lawsuits.

However, experts from iFixit took apart the MacBook Pro 2018, has discovered a membrane that protects the butterfly mechanism from falling debris, and tested the stability of the keyboard to talipanan.

Then the network got an internal document from Apple, which was intended for authorized service centers. The letter included mention of the fact that, due to changes in design, failed to resolve the problem with the sticky keys. Also in the manual were instructions for replacing the keyboard and working with a special membrane, as this process has undergone major changes compared to previous generation laptops. Most likely, the web will be a lot of videos dedicated to the repair of the MacBook Pro’s keyboard 2018, when service centers will receive the original parts.

It is worth noting that the keyboard is equipped with the third generation of the butterfly mechanism, only fits for MacBook Pro 2018 and can not be installed machine, the previously released.


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