The Sundays Time interviewed senior Vice President of Apple software eddy cue. According to the results of conversation it became more clear what to expect from the upcoming service to Apple TV Plus.

First q said the company gave priority to the quality of the content, not its quantity. Thus the Vice-President of the company pricked online cinema Netflix, famous for its huge investments in different kind of projects: sometimes profitable and popular as it was with Stranger Things, or Narcos, and sometimes unknown series, produced somewhere in India. When on the model, Netflix asked the q, he said that “in this model is not bad, but it’s not our model.” Many on the Internet have accused Apple that the company is too late took you to develop your own online service for viewing and creating video content. The Vice-President of the company said that Apple has not always been the pioneer when it came to hardware, indicating that they were not the first who released computers, smartphones or tablets.

The interview also revealed a few additional details about what to expect from the new service company. Apple apparently will release new content every month, released the first series is likely to be “Morning show”, with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston in the lead roles. Kew notes that the show will be presented “real problems arising in the workplace” and that “in terms of quality this is a really good product.” Apple, of course, produces the same amount of content as its rivals, and we will have to wait until autumn to understand or put Apple, betting on the quality of the content.

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