According to court documents obtained by MacRumors, a resident of new Jersey Gina, Priano-Keyser filed a lawsuit in U.S. district court, accusing Apple of fraud and breach of warranty associated with the Apple Watch.

The complaint States that a woman bought a watch Series 3 in October 2017, and in July of the following year, the screen suddenly got loose and cracked while charging. In the service center were from warranty service and offered the victim to pay for the watch repair $229.

In the past, Apple acknowledged the possibility of inflation of the battery in some Apple Watch models and offered a free repair within three years after purchase. However, the complaint alleges that the company often attributed to the problem of “accidental damage” and thus “refuses to cover the repair” under warranty.

The lawsuit cited more than a dozen similar cases described by users in the community Apple support over the last few years. Lawyer Priano-Keyser contends that all of Apple watches models up to Series 4, inclusive, is subject to defects, which lead to the swelling of lithium-ion battery, causing the screen “cracks, breaks or detaches from the hull” hours. All this is no fault of the owner of the watch can get damaged after a few days or weeks after purchase.

The lawyer is in court damages spent on repairs. The claim includes all residents of new Jersey who are current and former owners of all models and sizes of the Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3, purchased in new Jersey.

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