If the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR decides to replace the battery of the smartphone is not in the authorized service center Apple, you can face a new challenge. The unit will no longer display information about the battery status.

This was announced by experts at iFixit. They found that when self-replacing the battery or from third-party experts, in the section “battery Status” appears the item “Service” with the following message: “unable to verify that this iPhone is equipped with a genuine Apple battery. Status information is not available for this battery”.

The message is displayed on both iOS 12 and iOS 13. Moreover, the smartphone ceases to monitor the battery capacity, even if it is original. Of course, it does not impact specifically on the work of the staff, but to know when to change the battery, the user will not be able.

It’s all in the chip Texas Instruments battery, which provides authentication. To replace the battery without any problems now will only in an authorised service centre.

Specialists iFixit have noted that it can cause harm to those users who really want to go to these centers (for example, they are far from home or work).

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