In the Chinese media was born a new term — “mobile geopolitics”. This is when major manufacturers of smartphones and tablets can’t understand who is against whom is waging a trade war.

First, trump has banned Chinese phones in the White house, then Samsung said that now certainly overtake Apple in sales in Asia. And finally, the denial of the five States from economic relations with Taiwan in favor of trade with Beijing. And suffering is still a California Corporation with an Apple in the logo. The fact that Taiwan is the exclusive supplier of processor (“brain”) for most iPad and iPhone in the world. But as these chipset to bring in China, where Apple is trying to collect their gadgets in mutual tariff wars between Washington and Beijing? A question without answer. And Apple is not the only one.

Who Sep buy a new iPhone model, if China would prefer their counterparts and in the US the price tag will soar by 25%? China is to Apple, and with it the search engine Google to remain Asia’s largest market, will have to “play by Chinese rules.” What?

Fortune Apple: in China, the company was accused of negligence. A resident of Shandong province downloaded from the app store, online lottery and taking everything at face value, put in the game (in terms of) one million two hundred thousand rubles. Realizing that he had been deceived, he tried to put on the integrity of the company, but only came to protection.

Only when connected to the case of power — because gambling in China is officially banned and the lottery need special permission — the excitement of the Apple was reduced. The company removed from the Chinese online store 25 thousand gaming applications on-demand legislation. And only a month ago agreed to store personal data of Chinese users in China.

Jen sells smartphones, she has two of them — work and personal. Says the Chinese are changing the model on average every six months. For the same Apple China is the largest shopping in the world and 45% of revenue. How can you not accept the rules of the game, if the stakes are so high?!

The number of Chinese Internet users has exceeded 800 million — more than the population of the whole of Europe. Statistics just said that on the streets of Beijing and so obvious that 98% sit on the Network with the phone. Valley si is one of them. He does not remember exactly when was the last time sign in with your Facebook account, where he has 8 friends, but almost never closes Chinese Wechat, where about 4 thousand.

A function that changed China: the country is living without cash — just scan the QR-code. You can refill the credit card, paying utilities and telephone, to take out a loan, order movie tickets, food and a taxi — this market is almost entirely controls the app Didi swallowed the famous Uber

“The Internet market in China is Mature. If you come here other companies will absorb their Chinese counterparts. If Google will be allowed to work again in China, it will be difficult to compete,” — said valley si.

Baidu is the largest search engine and Internet giant. From the blockchain to the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Now Baidu and Google, are neighbors to the Beijing Silicon valley.

Despite the fact that Google wasn’t looking for anything in China, in China you can find Google. Zhongguancun is a district-technology Park in the North-West of Beijing, and here is the Chinese representation of a search engine. Another is in Shanghai, and just this winter, the company opened a third office in Shenzhen and intends to expand its presence in China. The total number of employees is about 600.

Leaving 8 years ago, the company seemed to be irreconcilable. But when China become the largest smartphone market, and the main competitor with Apple to get an advantage, as Google has stated that it “is committed to serve the PRC best”.

Now the company actively hires Chinese engineers in their artificial intelligence lab. And in early August, the media reported that almost ready to launch a search engine that meets all the requirements of the Chinese authorities. But now access can block a trade war unleashed by trump. And not only Google.

Chinese TV released a satirical video about another American neighbor in the Chinese office — the company Intel, whose chip manufacturing in China. Because of them, “trump can scribble, at 5 a.m. tweets, forcing to doubt his sanity.” Duties threatened loss of tens of billions of dollars. Because of tariffs trump the chips will be subject to import duties from China to USA.

“The U.S. is acting like an inexperienced fighter, hit hard, but impatiently. And China as a peaceful old master of tai Chi. Operates smoothly, but may cause absolutely sudden counter-attack,” — said the political scientist, independent expert SIMA Nan.

Compare trade wars with the Chinese martial art very clearly: the United States strongly risk hurting themselves, because in this battle the Chinese have no equal.


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