The Federal trade Commission (FTC) of the United States, oversees compliance with Antimonopoly legislation, drew attention to the Apple. It seems that the American IT-giant to conduct business prevents private companies.

Last year, online marketplace Amazon has signed an agreement with Apple, which allowed her to sell the iPhone directly from the manufacturer. Sales are made via Amazon Marketplace. Partners were hoping to reducing the sale of counterfeit products.

However the side effect was that the Playground had to leave hundreds of law-abiding sellers that offered customers a low-cost and recovered the Apple product. Meanwhile, Amazon Marketplace is the largest marketplace for United States.

The FTC already deals with these sellers, trying to figure out how much the agreement with Amazon, Apple has damaged their business. Experts note that emerging antitrust investigation, as the agreement may be illegal. It is based on can be made obvious collusion on the prices on Apple products.

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