Moscow, may 27 — “Conduct. The economy is” Apple gets a class action lawsuit from residents of the United States — the company is accused of selling the personal data of the users of iTunes, according to Bloomberg. Customers say that anyone can buy a list of iTunes users, which meets a specific set of requirements — up to sex, age, and musical preferences.

Three users iTines from Rhode island and Michigan appealed to the Federal court in San Francisco on behalf of hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents whose data was allegedly disclosed without their consent.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple’s disclosure of customers ‘ personal data to iTunes illegal and dangerous, as it will point affect the most vulnerable Americans. In a statement, the plaintiffs cite as an example that any person or company can rent a list with “the names and addresses of unmarried women with higher education, over 70 years of age, with family income more than $80,000 who have purchased the music from Apple via the mobile app in the iTunes Store”.

The plaintiffs add that the price tag for these thousands of users with the appropriate criteria available for sale for about $136. This means that the company or anyone with malicious intent can pay only 13 cents for the client.

The plaintiffs intend to receive compensation of $250 for every iTunes user out of Rhode island whose data has been disclosed, as well as $5,000 for each injured resident of Michigan, in accordance with applicable state law on confidentiality.

Interestingly, Apple CEO Tim cook publicly declares periodically about the need to protect users and their data from abuse by companies that are often involved in the seizure of confidential information and transmit them to third parties.

Tim cook urged the U.S. government to adopt privacy policies in the Internet. Cook said that the European GDPR (“General data protection regulation”), the purpose of which is to provide consumers with more control over their data is a good sample for the first step.

CEO of Apple said that, speaking of regulation, he meant control by the government. This does not mean the ban of certain technologies. The purpose of regulation in understanding Tim cook is the protection of ordinary citizens who find themselves at a disadvantage before corporations, because they can not do anything to stop them.

In light of high-profile data breaches and foreign influence on political elections through social networks cook believes that the technology industry has no other responsible choice but to accept more stringent state control.

Previously, cook has advocated the need for regulation in the field of information technology. Apple CEO criticized the technology companies of Silicon valley and the abuse of personal data of users during a speech at the international conference on data protection in Brussels

According to cook, the personal data of users used as a weapon against them. “Every day billions of dollars pass from hand to hand, and a countless number of decisions are made based on our likes and dislikes, the data about our friends and families, our relationships and conversations, cook said. These pieces of data, each of which is fairly harmless by itself, carefully collected, synthesized, they trade them, sell them”.

The head of Apple said that personal information is used for advertising sales, however, did not mention tech giants Facebook and Google, which are often accused of using users ‘ data for money.

Interestingly, mark Zuckerberg, who heads Facebook, the social network, often criticized for leaking of personal data, also called for more active role of governments and regulators in the process of developing norms and standards on the Internet. This is stated in his blog published on the website of the company.

“I think we need a more active role of governments and regulators. Updating rules for the Internet, we can preserve the best thing in it, — the freedom of expression for people and the freedom to create new entrepreneurs while protecting society from the harm large scale,” said Zuckerberg.

Speaking about privacy, Zuckerberg approved adopted EU regulation on data protection (GDPR) and advocated the emergence of a similar framework laws in other countries. In his opinion, such laws should protect the right of users to determine how companies can manage their data, and to give the opportunity to penalize the services for violations.

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