Three years after the first complaints Apple users still recognized the presence of a structural flaw in the MacBook Pro, which causes problems with the screen. The company wrote about this note on the official website and promised free repair of the device.

The problem in the network called flexgate. It is this: over time, the cable between the motherboard and screen in the MacBook Pro is damaged, which causes artifacts on the laptop screen. They appear as bright vertical stripes in the bottom of the screen:

Cable replacement is very expensive. Apple previously asked $ 600 for it. Now the company published on the website entry, which acknowledges that “very small percentage” 13-inch MacBook has this problem. The device facing it, Apple will fix it free of charge, and those users who already paid for repairs, return the money.

Interestingly, in March there appeared information on making company changes the design of the laptops to solve problems. Apple itself is not covered and the official statements did not. Now the company says that design flaws are the models sold from October 2016 to February 2018.

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