The second beta version 12.2 software mobile operating system iOS has replenished with four new animaze. This was reported by the portal the Verge.

Apple has expanded its “zoo” by shark, giraffe, owls and wild boar. According to experts, innovation can be considered the most important in the new version.

Animaze — three-dimensional animated characters. They are able to copy the emotions of the owner of the mobile device, which uses the technology of TrueDepth. Image you can send in iMessage or replace them your face during FaceTime calls.

Currently, the total number of animaze reached 24. Basically, it’s animals.

A new beta of iOS 12.2 disseminate among compatible gadgets through AirDrop. The update is available for download in a special section on the Apple website. It is expected that the official iOS 12.2 will present in March 2019.

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