Apple introduced more than 70 new emojis that will soon join the self-expression of the owners of iPhone, MacBook and other equipment of the company. They include sets of images of sports items, food, and special Emoji for bald.

Significant new emojis are the faces of people of both sexes with different hairstyles and amount of vegetation on the face. So, it is easier to identify with the cartoon face will be red, gray and curly. And those who are a little podrasteryal former hair.

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In the category of emotions and feelings also arrived: now you will be able to let your friends know that you are not childish cold that you have severely dilated pupils or something you squeezed into a corner is aggressive heart.

In addition, the Arsenal of Emoji joined image new animals and different food. So, in the menagerie Apple now has llamas, hippos, raccoons, and badgers, and to make a rebus “salt bagel with mango” now will not be a problem.

All of the 76 brand-new Emoji (different hair colors count as one Emoji) can be seen on the following picture.


Emoji-you can start using today, but it will have to include your device in the program of beta testing on the Apple website.

As you are new emojis?

A lot of useful things

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