Apple adds an extra step in the process of obtaining subscriptions in the App Store
Apparently, in the struggle with the constant problem of accidental subscriptions in the App Store, Apple added an extra step to subscribe to in the App Store. Now users will see a pop-up window “Confirm your subscription” before you complete the process.

This change was first noted by developer David Barnard on Twitter. Starting approximately last week, Apple added an extra step in the subscription process. After you authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID you will see a pop-up window asking you to confirm your subscription.

Accidental subscription is a serious problem, especially for iPhone users with Touch ID. In fact, when users saw a pop-up window for subscription and clicked on the Home button to exit apps, instead, Touch ID has been authenticated, completing the subscription.

Apple has taken several steps to counter the problems with subscriptions in iOS apps. Earlier this year, the company updated the documentation for subscriptions to the application, explaining that developers need to be clear about the subscription price and other details of services.

New step subscription confirmation appeared last week, which made him unusual event which was not included in the standard iOS update. However, it’s nice to see that Apple makes things more intuitive for its users.

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