After the “Apple” of the Corporation have detected problems with MacBook Pro batteries, the Federal aviation administration (FAA) has issued a warning for airlines about the dangers of importing them on Board.

It turned out that the battery of some popular models of laptops manufactured from 2015 to 2017, can overheat and lead to fire equipment. As a result, these computers were prohibited for carriage in baggage and hand baggage on all flights by American carriers. Then the restrictions were imposed by companies such as Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, Air Italy. However, some of them prohibit only the transportation of laptops in the Luggage, allowing passengers to take dangerous equipment in the salon. To use it during the flight is also prohibited.

The last airline became worried about the safety of the transport of Apple computers, has become Etihad Airways from United Arab Emirates. In an official statement, the carrier said that the above devices must remain off throughout the flight, and charging them in aircraft is prohibited.

Laptops the manufacturer has stated that all owners of MacBook Pro should check on the website of the company the need to replace the battery of the gadget by checking the serial number. In the case of confirmation of the danger, service centers free of charge replace the battery.

In 2016 with the same problem faced by users of Samsung products. Then the FAA informed about the dangers of using smartphones Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries. As a result, many airlines have banned the use of them during flights, and checked in.

A similar ban was imposed by Russian carriers. The transport Ministry has even threatened its violators with fines. In 2017, the Federal air transport Agency has canceled the recommendation on the prohibition of carriage and use of problem phone. TURIZM.RU

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